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Reon Argondian – The Magical Cave

Museum Argondie, Petřínské sady 5, Praha 1 - Malá Strana, 118 00

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permanent exhibition

A short distance below the summit of Petřín hill is a house overgrown with ivy, its walls graced with masks and a gargoyle guarding its entrance with a demonic stare. If you succumb to curiosity and venture in, you will gain a wholly extraordinary artistic experience in an awesome gallery, full of fanciful paintings and sculptures in the style of l'art visionnaire. Reon Argondian has created his own fictional, fantastical country - Argondia, and his works invite you there. He produces intuitive paintings, incorporating elements of myth and legend. His paintings capture insights into a teeming world full of strange creatures, a microcosm of plants come to life with a human face and the burgeoning plant world, latticed with rays of light. The paintings employ Renaissance technique, which Reon acquired in his youth as an art-restorer of the old masters. The Magical cave is not only a gallery of paintings, but also a unique work of art in itself; in addition, you will also find it a good place to sit with pitchers of alcoholic or soft drinks to your preference.

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