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Prague of Charles IV

The City of Prague Museum – House at the Golden Ring ( Dům U Zlatého prstenu), Týnská 6, Praha 1 - Staré Město, 110 00

  • Permanent exhibition


permanent exhibition

In order to commemorate 700th anniversary from the birth of Charles IV. the City Museum of Prague has opened an exposition devoted to the urbanism of Prague and its changes in the 14th century, with an emphasis on the period of Charles IV and the Luxembourg dynasty.

Upon his arrival to the Czech lands in 1333, Charles found the city and both royal residences in poor condition. By the end of his reign in 1378, Prague was a great development zone, surrounded by walls and increased in size with the addition of the New Town.

A Grandiose Building Site in Europe

The unique virtual and tangible models of the housing development and individual buildings of Prague present Charles’s ideas as well as reality. Vyšehrad, Prague Castle and St Vitus cathedral, and more monuments were rebuilt (and built) during his reign. At the exhibition you will see their models as well as a model of Nový hrádek u Kunratic, the seat of Charles´ son, Václav IV. Great attention is paid to the “whole town“, the building and urban development are explored thanks to the latest technological devices. Visitors can see how a mediaeval town looked like, they will find out more about its atmosphere, its life and some important events which happened here, such as Charles´ birth, his arrival to the city, his coronation and burial.


Mediaeval Town

The second part of the exposition is devoted to Prague, how it looked like in 1400. The aim is to present the life of the mediaeval inhabitants in the town; especially their private life in a medieval house. There are exhibited original exhibits acquired thanks to the archaeological works of several institutions, incl. the National Heritage Institution and the Prague City Museum.

The new videomapping of Charles Square shows its medieval housing development and its function. Visualisations highlight the importance of the river, fords, and bridges for the medieval town as well as the administration of the towns. The fortification of Prague is also explored.  

This time, attention is paid to some more or less known theories dealing with the spiritual aspect of the foundation activities of Charles IV.

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Information source: Muzeum hlavního města Prahy