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Ordinary People

Archa Theatre, Na Poříčí 26, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00

  • alternative theatre
  • movement theatre


  • Sat 27. 10. 2018 20.00
  • Sun 28. 10. 2018 20.00
  • Mon 29. 10. 2018 20.00

At a time when the leaders of many countries show disdain for basic human rights in the interests of political business, we ask: Who are these ordinary people whom they claim to represent?

Vladimír, 73, lives in a small town near Prague. He worked his whole life in a factory as a turner and toolmaker. When he was young he was one of the best rock and roll dancers in Prague. Every Saturday night he was the king of the dance floor, dancing an extravagant "capitalist" dance, until the police would come and escort him out.  Saturday after Saturday the same story would be repeated. They could not repress his passion to dance freely.

Wen was born in the 1960s and is a dancer and choreographer. She lives in Beijing. She was trained at the theatre academy to be the prima ballerina of the propaganda ballet company. The time of her youth corresponded with the era of student protests and great hopes, which never came to fruition. Her life had been saved, but she has never forgotten the trauma. In the 90s she founded the first independent dance company in China, the Living Dance Studio.

The performance combines principles of documentary theatre and dance.

A joint project between the Archa Theatre and the Living Dance Studio, Beijing.

directed by: Jana Svobodová and Wen Hui

performed by: Wen Hui, Vladimír Tůma, Jiang Fan, Philipp Schenker, Wen Luyuan, Jan Burian, Li Xinmin, Jaroslav Hrdlička and Pavel Kotlík.

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