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Švanda's Theatre in Smíchov, Štefánikova 57, Praha 5 - Smíchov, 150 00

  • drama


  • Tue 22. 10. 2019 19.00

Shakespeare as a contemporary family drama with a Scandinavian touch.

Hamlet directed by Daniel Špinar is a Scandinavian-type family drama. We are focusing on a story of a boy who lost his father and also mother in way, who remarried shortly after the father's death — it is a true family tragedy, a tragedy of a very much followed royal family. Everyone can be seen and although the events take place inside the palace, the public is always up to date. Young Hamlet loved his father, he also loved beautiful and clever Ophelia but then he discovered something one cannot live with. Is it possible to face the cruel truth and keep quiet? And so it might seem that the Danish prince has gone mad. Yet, as Lord Chamberlain points out — there's method in the madness ... We probably all know by now that there's no happy ending to this story.

Kindly note that actors smoke on stage during the show.

English supertitles

author: William Shakespeare

director: Daniel Špinar

cast: Patrik Děrgel, Kamil Halbich, Klára Cibulková, Martina Krátká, Miroslav Hruška, Marek Pospíchal, Tomáš Červinek ...

show length: 2 h 20 min (including intermission)

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