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Fairy Queen

NoD Experimental Space, Dlouhá 33, Praha 1 - Staré Město, 110 00

  • movement theatre


  • Sun 22. 9. 2019 19.30
  • Sun 20. 10. 2019 19.30
  • Sun 24. 11. 2019 19.30

What mechanisms operate a loving relationship of two people separated by thousands of kilometres?

How strong the bond has to be to keep us connected to the other person when it’s been such a long time since we last smelled their skin, since we held their hand and cuddled in their arms? These are the questions raised by Fairy Queen, a piece created by the contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE and one based on true events and authentic personal material and experience of the performers.

It is with immense love that we dedicate this piece to our sons and daughters, parents and partners, to all the beloved people who only hear our “I love you” when the distance has grown too long...

The project results from a collaborative initiative of the company 420PEOPLE, the Experimental Space NoD and the music group Zabelov.

choreography: Václav Kuneš and the dancers

cast: Zuzana Herényiová, Sabine Groenendijk/Šárka Bočková, Vojtěch Rak, Adam Sojka, Alexandr Volný & Zabelov Group — Jan Šikl and Roman Zabelov.

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