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The Breaking of the Bread

Švanda's Theatre in Smíchov, Štefánikova 57, Praha 5 - Smíchov, 150 00

  • drama


  • Wed 2. 10. 2019 19.00

An original Czech play by Josef Holcman based on real events that happened in South Moravian village Skoronice.

A story of friendship throughout history. Three friends' life stories, several changes of Moravian countryside and sixty years of our history. Small human dramas in big dictatorship eras. The dramas begin with Romanian and German occupation in 1944 and ends in new millenium's time of freedom.

Main protagonists are farmer Vojta (Jacob Erftemeijer), his neighbour and friend Alois (Petr Buchta) and Franz Löwy (Tomáš Červinek), deserter whom Vojta and Alois hide in a barn and save his life. An effort to keep besides their friendship a clean slate and clear conscience will cost them a lot. In following years of dictatorship, fear and spying on each other one has to pay for being brave and moral — and the price is very high. How will the neighbours react? Who joins the winners and who joins the losers? And what happens when the wheel of history turns another way again?

Kindly note that actors smoke on stage during the show.

English supertitles

author: Josef Holcman

director: Dodo Gombár

cast: Jacob Erftemeijer, Miroslav Hruška, Martina Krátká, Petr Buchta, Tomáš Červinek, Andrea Buršová, Jan Řezníček ...

show length: 2 h 50 min (including intermission)

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