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Metronome Festival Prague 2018 - The Chemical Brothers, Tom Odell, Tata Bojs ...

Prague Exhibition Grounds (Výstaviště Praha), Areál Výstaviště, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00



22. 6. 2018 – 23. 6. 2018

The Prague Metronome Festival is an international festival held in the centre of Prague, featuring attractive international stars combined with the best of the Czech music scene.

British pianist, singer and songwriter Tom Odell will perform at Metronome Festival Prague 2018. 26-year-old artist considers as his main role models wide range of singers and songwriters in one person, such as Elton John or Tom Waits and will perform in Prague for the third time. After two sold-out concerts, he is going to play for the first time under open skies and entertain his audience with songs both from his current album Wrong Crowd and debut one Long Way Down. Odell has been fine-tuning his melodic folk style since his first song-writing attempts while he was studying classical piano play at the age of thirteen. He was discovered by singer Lilly Allen to whom he resembles David Bowie with his energy.

Welsh native John Cale was originally dealing with avant-garde classical music and he was cooperating mainly with one of its most important composers – La Mont Young. His instrumental specialization were originally piano and later viol. In 1965, he founded together with rocker Lou Reed The Velvet Underground, whose manager and mind guru was Andy Warhol. After three years and two albums later after disputes with Reed he left for solo career. He recorded his first album Vintage Violence in 1970. On his solo albums John Cale presented both straightforward rock songs and alternative and experimental creations, he played with accompanying bands, or completely solely with piano or guitar. He was also inspired by electronic music and hip hop. Among his most important albums may be counted Paris 1919 (1973), Fear (1974), Helen of Troy (1975), Music for a New Society (1982), Fragments of a Rainy Season (1992), HoboSapiens (2003), Black Acetate (2005) or Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood (2012).

Next reported star are British The Chemical Brothers, one of the most important electronic music visionaries of the last quarter century. The Chemical Brothers return to Prague after eleven years.

Icon of American music, guitarist, singer, composer, film director and photographer David Byrne was a front man of the famous new wave music group Talking Heads, for which he wrote their most famous hits. During his solo career, he created memorable progressive album with electronical producer Brian En or excellent artpop project with singer St. Vincent. In 1996 he played on John Cale`s album Walking on Lucusts, with whom he played already in 70s and who is also playing on Metronome. He is also Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe awards holder. In 2002 he was introduced to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a Talking Heads member.

World-renowned DJ and and producer Sister Bliss perform unique Faithless DJ set at Metronome Festival Prague. Together with iconic frontman Maxi Jazz and producer Rollo Armstrong (brother of Dido), she formed Faithless – icon of electronical music for the whole 20 years of its existence. Her love for discovering new music lead to launch of her own label Junkdog, under which she releases the freshest alternative music. Next to her label duties she continues with playing DJ sets all over the world.

Tata Bojs were founded in 1988 by current members, drummer and singer Milan Cais and bass guitarist Mardoša during their elementary school days. First years they were performing as a part of Czech alternative scene, later they started to play for wider public while still holding on their quality. Thanks to that Tata Bojs are one of not so many Czech interprets acknowledged both by pop fans and critics.

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