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Nothing Sad

Alta Studio, U Výstaviště 21, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00

  • movement theatre


  • Tue 16. 10. 2018 19.30

A dance game inspired by J. Kepler´s essay ‘On the Six-Cornered Snowflake’ — a catchy reading about nothing, and by playing with gravity and organisation. Where do things get their shape? How can you give beauty that appears and disappears right afterwards? Or was it here at all?

Johannes Kepler is known as an astronomer — he observed, counted and explained the motion of celestial objects. During his Prague stay, he also wrote an essay ‘On the Six-Cornered Snowflake’ — a catchy reading about nothing’. This essay from 1611 was a New Year´s gift from Kepler to his patron, Jan Matouš Wacker. One of its topics was “nothing”. How can you give something that is nothing? What is nothing and worthless? A piece of dust, sparkle, smoke? Kepler crossed the Charles’s Bridge and a snowflake fell on him. He observed it with a naked eye and he found out that every snowflake has a six-cornered symmetry, even though there are no two identical snowflakes. They arouse from water and suddenly they are gone. “What power gives things their shape? And why this specific shape? What game of nature is that – a perfect six-cornered symmetry with rays, but still only temporary, melting right after it arises. This beauty appears and disappears right afterwards. Or was it here at all?”

The performance is inspired by Kepler´s essay, physicality, architecture and symmetry, but also by snowflakes, games, aesthetics and searching for meaningfulness. Physical laws and chemistry determine our world, just like our history and memory determines us. Energy will raise the pulse of both dance and imagination. Motion, dance and body are perceived in the present moment — it is here and suddenly it is not, it disappears for good. Or was it here at all? Three bodies in space, their sudden arrangement; and the ceaseless change of matter and shape releases the memories, emotions and images. How much life can we squeeze into a single frozen moment?

VerTeDance, Petra Tejnorová and collective.

directed by > Petra Tejnorová

created and performed by > Tereza Ondrová, Nathan Jardin and Matthew Rogers.

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