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The University and the Republic: 100 Years – 100 Items – 100 Stories

Karolinum, Ovocný trh 3, Praha 1 - Staré Město, 110 00

  • Exhibition


  • Thu 10. 5. 2018 – Sat 1. 9. 2018

The exhibition will deal with the relationships between Prague University and the Czechoslovak and Czech Republics featuring a hundred exceptional exhibits, each representing one year in the period 1918-2018.

The exhibition will focus on the history of Charles University with an emphasis on its personalities, political and social events, scientific discoveries and teaching achievements that have left a mark on the whole country’s history. Its objective is to present the interconnected histories of the University and the Republic in both their apexes and declines. It intends to show the last 100 years as a period that has brought both the University and Czech society numerous undeniable successes, albeit in an atmosphere fraught with political turns. For the First Republic period, the exhibition will also involve the German University in Prague and stories of Czech Germans.

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