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The Charm of Bakelite

National Technical Museum (Národní technické muzeum), Kostelní 42, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00

  • Exhibition


  • Wed 14. 3. 2018 – Sun 2. 9. 2018

Bakelite is an early plastic, developed in 1907. It was used in electrotechnics, engineering, photographic and in diverse products such as telephone and radio casings, kitchen ware, kitchen utensils, jewellery, toys. Thanks to the fact, that Bakelite can be pressed into the forms, the products made from this material can boast interesting design. The „retro“ appeal of them has made them nowadays collectible.

Visitors will see approx. 300 exhibits made from this material, incl. the design pieces such as the radio Talisman, the ETA 211 iron, Kodak Baby Brownie camera and others.

Bakelite was developed by the Belgian-American chemist Leo Baekeland before 101 years and the material was named after him. The exhibition was prepared by the Slovak Technical Museum, which was established before 71 years. The National Technical Museum presents the exhibition as a part of the project Made in Czechoslovakia – industry that ruled the world.

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