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New Stage (Nová scéna), Národní 4, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00

  • opera
  • premiere


  • Wed 17. 4. 2019 20.00 — PREMIÉRA
  • Mon 22. 4. 2019 20.00
  • Tue 7. 5. 2019 20.00
  • Mon 20. 5. 2019 20.00
  • Sun 23. 6. 2019 20.00

The opera Tramvestie is a setting of Pavel Novotný’s collection of poems of the same name, which resulted from transcriptions of the author’s conversations with his friends on tram No. 11 on the route between the towns of Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou.

The conversations relate to the tramline’s vicinity, the personal histories of their participants, as well as the region’s turbulent past. In addition to the texts from the book Tramvestie, the remarkable musical work was also inspired by the recordings of the interviewers’ voices, as well as the sound of the moving tram.

authors: Petr Wajsar and Pavel Novotný

direction, set and light design: Marek Bureš
costumes: Klára Syrůčková
dramaturgy: Ondřej Hučín

conductor: Richard Hein

cast: Lenka Šmídová, Jana Horáková Levicová, Dušan Růžička and Jiří Sulženko

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Information source: Národní divadlo