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Marie Dočekalová / Exhibition of Nativity Scenes from around the World

Gymnázium Jana Keplera, Parléřova 2, Praha 6 - Hradčany, 169 00

  • Exhibition
  • with children


  • Sat 22. 12. 2018 – Tue 1. 1. 2019

The most beautiful Czech and foreign Nativity scenes with selling of ceramic Nativity scenes of Ms Marie Dočekalová.

Nearly 200 exhibits from different materials will be displayed. They are made for example from plaster, wax, ceramics, wood, chocolate, straw, cristal, crink, leather, alabaster, lava, feterite, nacre and so on. Nativity scenes painted on stones, pieces of wood, gingerbread, resin, paste, braided, needled, from marble, from eggs and also from butterfly wings, from coal, soapstone, painted on feathers are aslo on display.

The Nativity scenes come from different parts of the world, for example Germany, Italy, Malta, Mallorca, Austria, France, Vatican, USA, Croatia, England, China, Poland, Spain, Peru, Israel, Bolivia, Chile, The Philippines, Slovakia, Columbia, Indonesia, Salvador, Kenya and so on.

opening hours:

  • daily 10.00-17.00
  • 24. a 31. 12. 2017  10.00-15.00
  • 1. 1. 2018  10.00-16.00



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