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  • Sat 19. 5. 2018 – Sun 19. 8. 2018

Drawing is my queen. It lets me reproduce any material or object, but – unlike a painting or photograph – it does not allow any tricks or errors: What you see is what you get.” (Richard Wientzek)

A cross-section of the oeuvre of German artist Richard Wientzek is put on display in the former enclosure of the Convent of St Agnes of Bohemia. 

Wientzek refers to his still lifes as “secular religious pictures” that highlight a connection with the mediaeval form of painting, which intensive viewing led to spiritual uplift.

Wientzek portrays objects from daily life, things like food, toys, fashion accessories, banknotes, books or stuffed birds, arranging them in still life compositions that tell a story. While some of the paintings’ titles help encode the situation, most offer an ironic comment on what we see.


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