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  • Exhibition
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  • Sat 19. 5. 2018 – Sun 14. 10. 2018


Antony Gormley’s passion is to ask whether a human form – as both a vessel for the body or a container for the mind – can be a contemporary subject for contemplation.

Gormley speaks of “being” in its widest context, exploring the now. He works with life, making body moulds and body casts, by implication life-size, in various subtle, undramatic states, and places them in a range of settings. These locations are never random; Gormley selects them for their associations. He treats the body as a house and invites the viewer’s participation. For Gormley: 

 “How the sculptures are disposed in space is perhaps more important than what they represent.” [Vessel, Antony Gormely, Galeria Continua, San Gimignano, 2012, p.42]

The viewer is left alone to reflect.


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