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Las ideas

New Stage (Nová scéna), Národní 4, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00

  • alternative theatre


  • Wed 3. 10. 2018 20.00
  • Thu 4. 10. 2018 20.00

Las ideas works at the very limit of reality and fiction.

It stages the intimacy of a creative process, akin to the one that Federico León could go through with Julián Tello, an actor and collaborator of the writer-director in real life. The ideas could be their own ideas, but are not necessarily their ideas. They are themselves, but at the same time they perform as themselves.

In Las ideas, an artist and his collaborator work developing different art projects. What seems to be an informal meeting between two friends gradually turns into an intensely creative day. They work seated at a messy ping-pong table that serves as a desk, equipped with a computer desktop and projector. Recordings of rehearsals, materials from other projects at different creative stages, ideas for future works, ideas that come up at that moment and are incorporated, as well as others that were discarded to the computer’s recycle bin, are all on the surface. Over the ping-pong table, the artist and his collaborator engage in a constant exchange—a ping-pong—of ideas and theories.

The viewer is invited to follow this process in real time from within: how ideas come up; which mechanisms are activated to put them into practice; hypotheses and theories are in turn analysed, observed and confronted. Everything that the viewer sees becomes potential working material. What is an actual part of their lives and what belongs to the artistic experience is blurred. The computer becomes yet another character. Ideas work the boundaries between reality and fiction, and in the end bring on stage the intimacy of a creative process.

In Spanish, with English and Czech surtitles.

stage director: Federico León
direction assistance and production: Rodrigo Pérez, Rocío Gómez Cantero
sets: Ariel Vaccaro
sound and music: Diego Vainer
lighting design: Alejandro Le Roux
costumes: Paola Delgado

cast: Julián Tello and Federico León

running time: 1 h (no intermission)

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