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Constellations II. (Time for Sharing)

Ponec Theatre, Husitská 24a, Praha 3 - Žižkov, 130 00

  • movement theatre


  • Fri 7. 12. 2018 20.00

Silhouettes of three women are sitting on the steps of a small church.

Perhaps the women are drinking tea. Perhaps they are listening to the wheat cracking. The summer has reached its peak. The church bell strikes desire. Time is waiting. Time is flying around. Time is expanding. Time is collapsing. Time remembers. Time is dreaming. The three women are experiencing the magical dimension of one weekday.  

The second episode of Constellations depicts a star map of desire and makes it more visible through different experience of time, where in one moment we experience ourselves, others and the world around us in different dimensions and layers. Everything can be magic, imagination, reality and a dream at the same time. The borders of reality are crossed not from one perspective but from different points of view and feelings.

Spitfire Company

concept, direction and scenography > Petr Boháč

choreography and performing > Cecile da Costa, Kristina Šajtošová and Markéta Vacovská

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