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Lustr Festival 2018

Campus Hybernská, Hybernská 4, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00

  • Exhibition
  • art
  • site specific art
  • Festival
  • fine art


  • Thu 4. 10. 2018 – Wed 10. 10. 2018

Have a look into fantasy of illustrators, enjoy workshops, attend lectures, joint in discussions and get inspired at some of the exhibitions. You will see art pieces of Czech and foreign artists such as Mágoz whose works you could see in The New York Times or Wall Street Journal. More than 40 artists incl. Jonathan Vermesch or Martina Pauková are going to showcase their works, meet with public and enter into dialogue. LUSTR is a platform for sharing knowledges and experiences from the world of illustration.


Czech illustrators z.s.

605 969 093

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