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Archa Theatre, Na Poříčí 26, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00

  • alternative theatre
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  • Fri 5. 10. 2018 19.00 — FESTIVAL 4+4 DNY V POHYBU
  • Sat 6. 10. 2018 19.00 — FESTIVAL 4+4 DNY V POHYBU

Silvia Calderoni is the central figure of this explosive and psychedelic one (wo)man show.

This award-winning, eccentric Italian theatre and film actress uses her own body to present a tale of violence, pain, confusion, and (self-)acceptance. Setting out on a hallucinogenic road trip in search of freedom, she experiments with the DJ/VJ format within the context of the harrowing and decadent aesthetics of the 1970s and 1980s, which helps her to discover the space between sex and gender as well as between fiction and reality within the kaleidoscopic universe of Queer. MDLSX is yet another example of an authentic probe into the socially sensitive zones existing beyond the boundaries of theatre and beyond the boundaries of art in the way that we have become accustomed to seeing from the MOTUS performance troupe. MOTUS has received many international awards and acknowledgements. For instance, Silvia Calderoni received an award at the Dublin Fringe Festival for her performance in MDLSX as well as the Best Actress Award at MESS in Sarajevo.

In Italian with Czech and English subtitles.

length > 1 h 20 min

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