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Stories of Be-coming (In Search of the Very First Movement)

Alta Studio, U Výstaviště 21, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 170 00

  • movement theatre


  • Sun 28. 10. 2018 18.00 — FESTIVAL HYBAJ HO!

Using dance, voice, words and science, three performers search for structures and relationships that last from the moment of conception for the whole life.

When does a human life start? At birth? With the formation of the brain? Usually, we start speaking of a human being 8 weeks after conception. But what happened before the “point zero“, before the conception? We know that already the first cells perceive vibration and rhythm. These organizing principles remain as information in the cells of our body. Fascinated by these processes, authors of the performance look into the impact of this development on our present life and into the relationship between the first structures and personal and social life.

The performers got to know each other during a four-year somatic training. Their shared background as performing artists and their interest in similar questions about social development, as well as in movement analysis, makes them on a par with each other. They started their collaboration already in 2015 in Winterthur with an improvisation on the subject of Embryology. In 2016, a showing of the work in progress in Lower Austria followed. This encouraged them to continue their exploration between the poles of individual and cultural imprints.

concept, choreography, dance and text > Anna Sedlačková, Helena Nicolao, Alexandra Sommerfeld

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