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Inwald: The Story of a Glassworks

Galerie Portheimka, Štefánikova 12, Praha 5 - Smíchov, 15000

  • Exhibition
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  • Sat 17. 11. 2018 – Sun 17. 2. 2019

One hundred years ago, Prague 5’s Zlíchov quarter was home to the Inwald glassworks. The company’s products became an integral part of many Czech homes (and in many cases remain so even today), and were also exported all around the world. Inwald glassworks was founded by engineer and entrepreneur Josef Inwald during the 1870s. Its products played a significant role in elevating the overall prestige of Czech glassware, and included decorative and souvenir glass. Production continued unabated until the mid-1930s, when Inwald’s Prague plant closed down and operations shifted to other locations outside the Czech capital. The Zlíchov facility was then sold-off.   

The Inwald – The Story of a Glassworks exhibition offers visitors the chance to learn about the history of the Inwald glassworks. This includes detailing the production process, historic maps of the site, presenting unique period photographs that show day-to-day operations and workplace conditions for employees, and also presenting rare film advertising footage. Today, the only part of the former works that is still standing is the MeetFactory art centre.

The exhibition is was conceived as part of efforts to highlight Prague 5 district’s famous industrial past.

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