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Wenceslaus IV, King of Bohemia and of the Romans & The Beautiful Style around 1400

Prague Castle – Imperial Stables (Císařská konírna), Pražský hrad - II. nádvoří, Praha 1 - Hradčany, 119 08

  • Exhibition


  • Fri 16. 8. 2019 – Sun 3. 11. 2019

The exhibition commemorates the 600th anniversary of the death of Václav IV, (1361-1419), who was the eldest son of Charles IV.

It will focus on Wenceslaus' personality and his court; the political situation of that time will be reflected. Visitors will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the milestones of his life and with his two wives – Joanna of Bavaria (1362-1386) and Sofia of Bavaria (1376-1428) and to explore the precursors of the Hussite Wars.

Furthermore, Bohemia’s Beautiful Style will be presented. Around 1400 art throughout Europe was distinguished from the art of the preceding decades by a new gracefulness in its figures, sculptural fullness being combined with elegance, fondness for decorative effects. Sculptures, paintings, interesting documents and other original items will be loaned to manifest the beauty of this style. 

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