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Wenceslaus IV, King of Bohemia and of the Romans & The Beautiful Style around 1400

Prague Castle – Imperial Stables (Císařská konírna), Pražský hrad - II. nádvoří, Praha 1 - Hradčany, 119 08

  • Exhibition


  • Fri 16. 8. 2019 – Sun 3. 11. 2019

The exhibition is dedicated to the son of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV., Václav IV. (1361 -1419) and the art of his time. He ruled Bohemia at the turn of the 15th century; in 1376 he was crowned king of the Holy Roman Empire.

His reign was plagued by rivalries and wars; however, one can say that about the art of his time. He was a lover of illuminated manuscripts and „small art“.  At the exhibition, visitors will see the manuscripts and other great examples of decorative art incl. ostensoria, reliquaries, tiles, burial gowns, the Humboldt University’s mace, a drinking horn from Dresden or a unique saddle from the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The sculptural exhibits include the Man of Sorrows from the Old Town and New Town Halls, the Crucifixion from the Dumloser Chapel from the National Museum in Warsaw, Madonna of Kruzlow from the National Museum in Krakow. Further on, on display will be the Hluboká’s Adoration panel painting, St Vitus’ veraicon or the torso of prophets from Kremnica.  All of this illustrate the art of his time.  

The exhibition is prepared by the Office of the President of the Republic and Prague Castle Administration.

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Information source: Pražský hrad