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Prague Spring 2019: Ensemble intercontemporain

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Poupětova 1, Praha 7 - Holešovice, 17000

  • Music
  • classical music


  • Mon 27. 5. 2019 20.00

For over four decades now, the Ensemble intercontemporain has been exerting a major influence on the developments in contemporary music. It was founded by a distinctive protagonist of the world of music of our time, the composer and conductor, Pierre Boulez, with the ambition to relentlessly seek out and present relevant new works in the field of classical music. The ensemble´s official biography describes it as a collective of thirty-one soloists, by no means an overstatement in view of the interpretational demands posed by the various individual parts of their repertory. Indeed, thanks to their talent and skills, the ensemble´s players are able to render even the most elaborate musical structures with remarkable sophistication and transparency.


  • Jörg Widmann: Freie Stücke
  • Magnus Lindberg: Corrente
  • Miroslav Srnka: Overheating (European premiere)
  • Bruno Mantovani: Cadenza n° 1


  • Ensemble intercontemporain
  • Julien Leroy - conductor
  • Gilles Durot - percussion




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