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OCD Love

Karlín Musical Theatre (Hudební divadlo Karlín), Křižíkova 10, Praha 8 - Karlín, 186 00

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  • Mon 17. 6. 2019 20.00 — FESTIVAL TANEC PRAHA

Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal, a former Batsheva Dance Company member, and Gai Behar have identified with Neil Hilborn's "OCD" (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders) and transformed it into an impressive dance poem.

Through the perfect, original body language of the six dancers, the innermost feelings of pain, anxiety and unrest rise to the surface, underlined by the pulsating beats of DJ Ori Lichtik. Despite the depth and seriousness of the theme, OCD LOVE is filled with endless sensuality and beauty. What is it like to love with obsessive-compulsive disorder?

creators > Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar

dancers > Biran Gon, Devaney Darren, Lurie-Pardes Keren, Emmanuel Harcher Clyde, Kakizaki Mariko and Hitting Rebecca

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Information source: Divadlo Ponec