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Magic Carpets Vol. II: Compilations of Realities

Prague - various places

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  • Fri 24. 5. 2019 – Sat 8. 6. 2019

Magic Carpets is a European creative platform which aim is to support emerging artists to work in socially engaged and responsible art field (visual art, public art, community art, exhibitions, performances, documentary theatre, online art, etc) abd to research and to implement new productions together with local artists and local communities.

Its programme includes exhibitions, workshops, debates, performances, happenings, concerts.

This year, boundaries between public and personal space will be explored, with the aim to perceive a city as a display and a language system which partially program our life.



  • Benjamin Tomasi
  • Milan Mikuláštík
  • Darina Alster
  • feat. Mothers Artlovers
  • Michal Kindernay
  • feat. Deana Kolenčíková
  • Jolana Havelková
  • Tereza Bonaventurová
  • Ateliér Intermédií FAVU VUT
  • Pavel Karous
  • and others
MagiC Carpets Creative Europe

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