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Prague Castle Gardens (Zahrady Pražského hradu), Pražský hrad, Praha 1 - Hradčany, 119 08
Provided by: AGENTURA SCHOK,, +420220514275

  • drama
  • open-air


  • Thu 1. 8. 2019 20.30
  • Fri 2. 8. 2019 20.30

Prague Shakespeare Company is honored to cooperate once again with the Summer Shakespeare Festival to present a bold new English-language production of Othello.

This classic Shakespeare tragedy is an astonishing epic of sweeping passions and murderous ambition — a thrilling meditation on the power of love and the destructiveness of suspicion, all triggered by one of literature’s most seductively manipulative villains: Iago. Presented in Shakespeare’s original English and featuring an exciting mix of traditional Jacobean-inspired costumes with modern touches adding a fresh and modern sensibility to this classic story, this production of Othello delves into the darkest corners of sex, lust, greed and jealousy.

Performed in English with Czech subtitles.

author > William Shakespeare

directed by > Guy Roberts

cast > Nari Blair-Mangat, Guy Roberts, Jessica Boone, Taylor Napier, Ray Paolino ...

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