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Prague Shakespeare Company: King Lear

Estates Theatre (Stavovské divadlo), Železná, Praha 1 - Staré Město, 110 00

  • drama


  • Fri 5. 7. 2019 20.00

Widely acknowledged as Shakespeare's greatest tragedy and one of the greatest English-language plays ever written, King Lear is the devastating story of an aging monarch whose decision to divide his kingdom between his three daughters to prevent "future strife" only succeeds in sparking an avalanche of Greed, betrayal and ruthlessness.

Seduced by flattering professions of false love from his oldest daughters, Lear banishes his youngest daughter, Cordelia, for refusing to participate in the game of "which of you shall we say doth love us most?" Lear's rash actions annihilate his kingdom, his family and his mind. A towering exploration of a world in which everything is in domestic, spiritual and political upheaval bringing to the forefront questions on the nature of love and duty, power and loss, old age and youth, good and evil, King Lear is as resonant today as it was in 1606 when first performed and as it will be hundreds of years from now.

PSC Associate Artist Peter Hosking stars as King Lear with an ensemble cast from the PSC 2019 Summer Shakespeare Intensive training program.

Performed in English

author > William Shakespeare

stage director > Kevin Hopkins
light design > Přemysl Janda
assistant stage director > Claire Nicholls
stage manager > Eric Sammons

running time > 1 h 40 min (without an interval)

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