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Joseph Fouché: The Portrait of a Politician

Pod Palmovkou Theatre, Zenklova 34, Praha 8 - Libeň, 180 36

  • drama


  • Fri 25. 10. 2019 19.00 — PALM OFF FEST 2019

The theatre concert dedicated to a person, whose lifestory is the essence of unscrupulousness.

Joseph Fouché, the unequalled idol of all conspirators, used all turbulent changes before, during and after the French Revolution to his advantage and always remained the grey eminence of political events, which influenced Europe at that time. A rock pseudo-opera directed by Lukáš Brutovský is not only a thrilling music story about the time when guillotines did not cease to work, but it is a transhistorical political training for all cynics...

With English subtitles. The performance will be followed by the discussion with the production team.

Slovak Chamber Theatre, Martin, Slovakia.

author > Stefan Zweig

directed by > Lukáš Brutovský

performance length > 2 h 25 min

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Information source: Divadlo pod Palmovkou