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  • Wed 24. 7. 2019 – Fri 28. 2. 2020

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The exhibition “On the banks of the Nile” with its more than 500 artefacts from the Czech and foreign collections will take you to the ancient Nile Valley presenting you the environment that gave rise to some of the world’s oldest civilizations.

The first part of the exhibition is devoted to the animal world of pharaonic Egypt and its southern neighbour, ancient Nubia. This world was closely connected to the pantheon of ancient Egyptian and Nubian gods. The second part of the exhibition is based on the Satire of Trades, the Ancient Egyptian text, describing the hardships of manual labour on the examples of different occupations. This part of the exhibition with its various objects – thousands-year-old baskets, a brick from a pyramid or authentic tools – presents the processing of natural materials, as well as animal and plant products.

The third part take you to an ancient Egyptian garden that, much like today, was the place of rest and a source of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. In the last part of the exhibition, you will leave this world and enter the netherworld.


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Information source: Národní muzeum