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World of Paper

Ponec Theatre, Husitská 24a, Praha 3 - Žižkov, 130 00

  • movement theatre
  • with children


  • Wed 13. 11. 2019 9.00 a 11.00

An interactive performance for four dancers, a musician, and sheets of paper.

These days paper makes us think about offices, or government agencies, obligations… A4 paper, precisely cut into standardized dimensions is the embodiment of civilization. Not everyone in today’s computerized world thinks about how paper is becoming one of the last truly natural materials in our civilized world full of offices and government agencies. It gives the impression of being stiff and curt. However this is the case only until we take one little a4 from the high stack — then the original, precise, two-dimensional object is bent into a shape that is mathematically difficult to describe. The more we shape it, the more it loses its sternness. It changes. When we crumple it, it doesn’t have to lose any of the information written on it; it shows itself capable of having memory — natural memory, memory of matter, memory of shape. If memory exists — time exists. Paper can age; it becomes wrinkled like an old person. It will never be as straight and smooth as it was when it was new, but that doesn’t mean it has to lose anything of the information, or its memory, or the story written on it, the one imprinted there.

For children age 5—12.

concept and choreography > Mirka Eliášová

performed by > Jana Novorytová, Veronika Rinowski, Jiří Lossl and Mirka Eliášová.

duration > 50 min

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