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The Saint Valentine Pilgrimage

Basilica of Sts Peter and Paul at Vyšehrad (Bazilika sv. Petra a Pavla na Vyšehradě), Štulcova, Praha 2 - Vyšehrad, 128 00
Provided by: Arcibiskupství pražské, Pastorační středisko–centrum pro rodinu spolu s kolegiální kapitulou sv. Petra a Pavla na Vyšehradě


  • Sat 16. 2. 2019

Once again the Saint Valentine pilgrimage will take place at Vyšehrad to commemorate St Valentine - the patron saint of lovers. Prague proudly boasts of being keeper to Saint Valentine’s relics, which have only recently been re-discovered in the Depository of Vyšehrad Chapter House.


  • From 10:00 to 15:00 – Spiritual Exercises, Prayers and Lectures in the Vyšehrad Chapter House.
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  • At 15:30 – Holly Mass in the St Peter and Paul Church in Vyšehrad


Who exactly was Saint Valentine
St Valentine of Terni was a bishop who died martyr's death back in the 3rd century. At this time, Emperor Marcus Aurelius Claudius abolished marriage because he considered married men to be bad soldiers. Allegedly Saint Valentine kept wedding lovers in clandestine secret in Rome and advised married men not to go to war and to stay with their wives. When the secret came to light, Claudius ordered Valentine’s execution on 14th February 269. However it was not until the end of the 70s Valentine’s name was included in the liturgical calendar, but today he counts amongst the most famous of saints.

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