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Jews in the Bohemian Lands, 10th-18th Century

Jewish Museum in Prague – Maisel Synagogue (Židovské muzeum – Maiselova synagoga), Maiselova 10, Praha 1 - Josefov, 110 00

  • Permanent exhibition
  • wheelchair access


permanent exhibition

The exhibition "Jews in the Bohemian Lands, 10th-18th Century" explains the establishment of Jewish settlements in Bohemia and Moravia, the legal and social status of Jews during the Middle Ages, a depiction of a traditional Jewish education by eminent scholars of Jewish communities and Mordecai Maisel, synagogue founder during the Renaissance. Attention is paid here to the question of the old Bohemian glosses in early medieval Hebrew manuscripts of Czech origin and on the development of Jewish settlements. The final part of the exhibition deals with the reign of Maria Theresa, during which time the position of the Jews began to gradually improve.

Among other things, visitors will be able to look forward to an audio-visual 2D virtual tour of Prague’s Jewish Town based on Langweil’s famous model of Prague. On display will be a wealth of rare collection objects, each placed in a new layout and proper context. Touch screens will enable visitors to look through old Hebrew manuscripts and to view historical maps of Jewish settlements. Visitors will also be able to search the museum's database for information about prominent Jewish figures.

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Information source: Židovské muzeum v Praze