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St Martin's Wines at the Troja Botanic Garden

Prague Botanical Garden, Fata Morgana greenhouse (Botanická zahrada, skleník Fata Morgana), Trojská 800/196, Praha 7 - Troja, 171 00

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  • Mon 11. 11. 2019 11.00

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Come to Troja to celebrate the new wine harvest! The old vintner's house in the St Claire's Vineyard, part of the Troja Botanic Garden, will once again become the site of a festive tasting of this year's young wines.

Named after St Martin, whose feast is celebrated on 11 November each year, the Czech equivalent of Beaujolais nouveau is now one of the most popular Czech culinary traditions, albeit one that was revived quite recently. November 11, 11 am is the time when St Martin's wine should be opened; it is often accompanied by a festive meal of roast goose with cabbage and dumplings, followed sweet pastries.

In order to qualify as a true St Martins wine, the wine in question may be only made from a few traditional varieties: Müller Thurgau, Roter Veltliner, Moravian Muscat (a local variety), Blauer Portugieser, or St Laurent, all grown within the Czech Republic, and must pass certain sensory criteria assessed during a blind tasting by a special committee.
St Martin's wines are unique in terms of their taste, colour and bright freshness, but also their limited shelf life. To enjoy their youthful exuberance, you should drink them before the spring at the latest. St Martin's wines should never be aged.

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