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The Story of Prague Castle

Prague Castle - Old Royal Palace (Starý královský palác), Pražský hrad, Praha 1 - Hradčany, 119 08

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  • with children
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permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition located in the Old Royal Palace presents original exhibits from the collections and the history of the Prague Castle’s construction and development. It’s the story of the foremost castle complex in the Czech Republic and the people associated with it - monarchs and presidents, nobles and courtiers, artists, builders, architects and scientists, as well as artisans and servants. It’s a story that conceals the mystery of the final resting place of the most significant Czech princes and kings and the Czech patron saint; the place where the Czech crown jewels are kept, the St Vitus Treasury; but also a place that serves as a dignified seat of government.

The exhibition is divided thematically into two sections - the main route and thematic branches. i.e. the Stories. The main route presents the development of the area from prehistory to the present day. There are models of Prague Castle at various stages of its development accompanied by many superlative items – such as the oldest, rarest, most valuable, the most common and the most mysterious. The main route is supplemented by thematic branches, such as The Story of Czech Patrons, The Dining Story, The Education Story, and the Coronation Story. These more in-depth exhibitions present single topics closely connected with Prague Castle and its history. The individual Stories often cover many centuries and again contain significant original exhibits that are accompanied by longer, more specialised texts.

After leaving the exhibition space, visitors can again go through the castle grounds and exploring its nooks and crannies with new understanding. For children, there’s a specially designed programme called “The Castle Game” with special tasks.


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