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Orango & Anti-Formalist Rayok

New Stage (Nová scéna), Národní 4, Praha 1 - Nové Město, 110 00



1. 5. 2018

Dmitry Shostakovich’s two extravagant pieces give one of the possible answers to the question of what form opera should take in the wake of the end of Romanticism.

All that has remained from the ambitious avant-garde opus Orango, about a human-ape, is an eloquent fragment. The Antiformalist Rayok is the composer’s bitterly grotesque protest against the dunces controlling culture in the Soviet Union, and elsewhere too.

The opera is staged in russian original language and czech and english surtitles are used in the performance.

author: Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich

musical preparation: Jan Kučera
conductor: Jan Kučera
stage director: Sláva Daubnerová
sets: Marija Havran
costumes: Marija Havran

cast: Roman Janál, Jevhen Šokalo, Vladimír Doležal, Pavel Švingr, Oleg Korotkov ...

duration of performance: 1 h 20 min (one intermission)

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