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The Kindley Ones

Pod Palmovkou Theatre, Zenklova 34, Praha 8 - Libeň, 180 36

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  • Mon 19. 11. 2018 19.00 — WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES
  • Sat 26. 1. 2019 19.00

Maximilian Aue never existed. World War II did. 
Historical fiction based on an ancient drama. A world-renowned novel making its debut in Czech theatres.

This massive novel by the American author Jonathan Littell first came out in 2006 and immediately became a literary landmark. The fictitious memoirs of Maximilian Aue, unprecedented in their openness, accuracy and historical authenticity, describe the life of a young, financially secure, educated and more-or-less “upstanding” SS officer who became a mass murderer. A powerful and dramatic story full of excitement, devotion, repressed sexual desire, friendship, but also cold rationality, emotional deprivation and various inner demons, it demonstrates the horrifying danger lurking within everyone, ready to manifest itself under the right circumstances. The eponymous ‘kindly ones’ are in fact the Erinyes who hound guilty people according to Greek mythology…

The novel by Jonathan Littell is rightfully considered one of the landmark pieces of contemporary literature.

author: Jonathan Littell

director: Michal Lang

cast: Jan Teplý, Ondřej Volejník, Ondřej Veselý, Zdeněk Kupka, Martin Hruška, Tereza Dočkalová, Zuzana Slavíková ...

length: 2 h 55 min

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