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Film and Architecture

Praha - různá místa

an international festival of films about architecture and urbanism which is held within the World Architecture Day This…


Praha - různá místa

 A festival of award winning films from BErlinale, VEnice and Cannes. Venues: Pilotů Cinema, Lucerna cinema, Evald…

4+4 Days in Motion

Desfourský palác

The International festival of contemporary art 4+4 Days in Motion offers currents interesting, provocative projects…

Food Truck Show

Smíchovská náplavka - Hořejší nábřeží

An international festival of food trucks, moveable food stands, rickshaws and field kitchens, with accompanying…


Botanická zahrada hl. m. Prahy, skleník Fata Morgana

Are you interested in traditional Czech crafts or customs? Would you like to taste food from Czech farmers? Do you like…

Signal - Prague Light Festival

Praha - různá místa

Over the four evenings of the festival, prominent figures in lighting design from the Czech Republic and abroad will…

Prague Coffee Festival

Pražská tržnice

All about coffee and with coffee-lovers. Lectures, tastings, demonstrations of roasting, presentations of café houses…

Festival of Delicate Tastes

Novoměstská radnice

New Town Hall will bring on plates the whole world ... Come and taste traditional and innovative dishes from the whole…

Central European Mind Sports Olympiad (Deskohraní)

Tyršův dům

Central European Mind Sports Olympiad is a games festival full of presetations, tournaments, free playing spaces and…

Strings of Autumn 2019

Praha - různá místa

Since its inception in 1996, Strings of Autumn has established itself as one of the Czech Republic’s major music…


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