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Golden Well (Hotel U Zlaté studně)

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The luxurious boutique hotel at Lesser Town occupies a former residence of the astronomer Tycho de Brahe. It features elegant rooms and suites boasting great views at Prague, in which you can admire replicas of Richelieu furniture, art works, floor titles and enjoy contemporary gadgets. In the hotel you will find the famous restaurant Terasa U Zlaté Studně, which has won several awards. Small refreshment is served also in the afternoon in the lounge, which serves as a living room too. The friendly staff is prepared to assist you 24/7.

  • hotel *****
  • in the city centre
  • restaurant
  • lobby bar
  • lounge
  • parking
  • monument
  • views
  • romance

Number of rooms: 19

Number of beds: 38

Restaurant Terasa U Zlaté studně



Weddings, Engagement

The hotel can be found in the Tripadvisor´s Hall of Fame.

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  • Golden Well (Hotel U Zlaté studně)
  • U Zlaté studně 4
  • 118 00 Praha 1
  • +420257011213

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