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International Prague

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International Prague, built in the Art Deco style, features conference facilities, restaurant, wellness and fitness centre. The Old Town Square can be easily reached by public transport within 25 minutes.

  • hotel ****
  • in the outskirts
  • restaurant
  • lobby bar
  • lounge
  • meeting room ≤ 50
  • congress hall ≤ 100
  • congress hall ≤ 150
  • congress hall > 200
  • congress hall ≤ 50
  • wellness & spa
  • fitness
  • parking
  • wheelchair access
  • pets allowed
  • views

Number of rooms: 54 (2 for disabled)
Number of beds: 498

  • Conference hall - 16 Conference Halls in Hotel International Prague admit up to 1200 visitors.
  • Weddings

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  • International Prague
  • Koulova 15
  • 160 45 Praha 6
  • +420296537111

Object history

The hotel International is a building on a grand scale, the likes of which are found nowhere else in the country. It was built in the 1950s in Soviet Social Realist style. The construction of the hotel was closely connected with the ruling Communist party and the former military leaders. It was originally intended to serve as a private luxury hotel for Soviet advisors and prominent military officers. During its construction, it was determined that neither the army nor the delegations would ever use so much accommodation space, and the building became “just” a luxury hotel. Despite its clear references to its Moscow influence, the central tower is also reminiscent of the style’s original inspiration, the American skyscraper.

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