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Pivovarský klub

The Brewery Club restaurant and beer-shop is based on a simple idea – it’s almost universal to have a choice of maybe a hundred different things to eat and just one choice of beer to drink. Here it is the exact opposite, you can have a hundred different beers with what there is to eat.

  • Czech cuisine - traditional
  • steak
  • beer
  • beer bars & ‘rotating’ taps
  • try & buy (beer-shops)

Opening hours

    • January – December
    • Whole week
    • 11.30 – 23.30

Practical information

In addition to the six draught beers, which are constantly changing (Czech small and medium breweries and imported specials), of which there have been more than 1000 on offer, since they opened in 2005, they also sell at least 250 bottled beers.

In the pleasant environment of the upstairs bar or the stone interior of the cellar restaurant, they offer Czech home cooking, specialities prepared with beer (including desserts) and meat dishes, including less common types of meat.

For the current selection of beers, see

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  • Pivovarský klub
  • Křižíkova 17
  • 18000 Praha 8- Karlín
  • +420222315777