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Budvarka Dejvice

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A pleasant restaurant, member of the nationwide network of “Budvarka” branded restaurants, equipped and furnished in keeping with the original design of the České Budějovice brewery. In addition to the standard offering of exceptionally well kept beers, also on draught is the special ‘krausened lager’, containing live yeast, which is definitely worth tasting.

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  • Czech cuisine - traditional
  • beer
  • pub

Opening hours

January – December

Whole week
11.00 – 24.00

The menu offers traditional Czech dishes, plus a number of hot and cold appetizers to pair with your beer.

From the day it opened, the building has been synonymous with the Budějovice Budweiser beer. After 1945, the owners were forced to hand over the house to the government and the renowned restaurant was replaced by a school canteen. In the 1990s the dilapidated property was returned to their heirs and the “Budvarka“ re-opened in 2006 after extensive restoration.

Beers on offer: Budweiser Budvar - pale lager, krausened lager, dark lager, pale draught beer, non-alcoholic beer

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  • Budvarka Dejvice
  • Wuchterlova 22
  • 160 00 Praha 6
  • +420222960820