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Rukodělný pivovárek Třebonice

The current biggest tourist magnet in Třebonice – Staněk’s ‘handcrafted’ little brewery is located inside a large U-shaped farmhouse, which was built probably in the 1st half of the 17th century. Almost every day, there is a different kind of freshly brewed beer at the bar. Located nearby is a guest house, the Gusta restaurant and the camp site.

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Practical information

The ‘Handcrafted’ little brewery, as the name suggests, offers beer produced truly “by hand” with minimal use of technology and with maximum deployment of human labour. Mr. Staněk, the brewer, brews just 150 litre batches, which means he has enough space for experimentation. We guess he has brewed over 50 different types of beer so far. 

Beers on offer: 50 varieties, up to 4 or 5 on tap depending on the season, the current mood of the brewer and the wishes of his regulars.

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  • Rukodělný pivovárek Třebonice
  • K Řeporyjím 4
  • 155 00 Praha 5- Třebonice
  • +420775660728