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Suchdolský Jeník

The research and teaching microbrewery of the Czech Agricultural University was opened in 2006, attached to the Faculty of Technology. Although this is not a commercial brewery, one could say that it builds on the tradition of beer brewing in Prague’s Suchdol on the Brandejs farm. Beer had been brewed here by the monks of the order of St. Benedict until 1866.

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Practical information

The brewery is used primarily for teaching students of brewing technologies, and for research and cultivation of various varieties of malting barley and hops. For now, however, they have not been experimenting with using their own hops.

“Suchdolský Jeník” is the name given to the beer brewed in the microbrewery. It is a light fermented beer, which always has 12° and its production takes approximately 2.5 months.

Bottles can be purchased in the University refectory shop; draught beer can be tasted in the restaurant “Na Farmě” (‘On the Farm’), which is located on the campus of the University.

Beers on offer: Suchdolský Jeník - light lager

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  • Suchdolský Jeník
  • Kamýcká 129 – Technická Fakulta
  • 165 00 Praha 6- Suchdol
  • +420224383250