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Pivovarský dům

The restaurant and microbrewery Brewery House has been in operation since 1998 and has become one of the most popular beer establishments in Prague. Always on tap is a minimum of 8 varieties of in-house brewed, unfiltered and unpasteurized beers, from light and dark “classics” of the pilsner type, through fermented wheat to singular flavoured beers, such as coffee, banana and green nettle beers.

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Opening hours

    • January – December
    • Whole week
    • 11.00 – 23.30

Practical information

Of the classic lagers, an exceptional one is the dark lager "Štěpán” (‘Stephen’), which presents a notable flavour of spice and caramel. An absolute curiosity is the beer sekt “Šamp”, the first beer in the Czech lands which completes its fermentation in the bottle. Beer is also used for the preparation of beer spirits (“Pivovice” beer brandy, Beer-vodka, Beer rum) and mixed beer cocktails.

Throughout the day, the kitchen offers the best of traditional Czech cuisine. Beer is used in the preparation of some of the dishes – from appetizers to desserts. The menu includes beer soup, sausages in black beer, rabbit a la maltster, or pancakes with beer jam.

Beers on offer: "Štěpán" – light and dark lager, Specials: wheat, coffee, cherry, nettle, banana


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  • Pivovarský dům
  • Ječná/ Lipová 15
  • 120 00 Praha 2- Vinohrady
  • +420296216666

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