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Beznoska Brewery and Školička Restaurant

The Beznoska brewery was opened in early April 2013. It is located in a very quiet area in a part of park. The main beer on offer is the classic light lager Beznoska 12° – full, smooth and creamy, with balanced flavours and a hoppy finish.

  • restaurant
  • Czech cuisine - modern
  • steak
  • beer
  • brew own beer
  • cold dishes
  • outdoor seating

Opening hours

    • January – December
    • Whole week
    • 11.00 – 23.00

Practical information

The interiors are simple with solid wooden tables; the environment is pleasant and is ideal for meeting with friends. In addition to the permanent selection of beers at the bar, they offer themed or seasonal specials.

To go with your beer, you may order from a diverse menu of snacks including beer spreads. Hot meals are based on traditional home cooking, predominantly meat dishes from the grill. In the summer months, a spacious garden is open under cover of a pergola, which includes a children's playground. By prior arrangement, you can take a tour of the entire brewery.

Beers on offer: Hejhula 10°, Klíčák 11°- semi-dark, Uzený knír 11°- smoked, Beznoska 12°, Koloušek 13° - wheat, Hořkejl 15°

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  • Beznoska Brewery and Školička Restaurant
  • Klíčovská 11
  • 190 00 Praha 9- Prosek
  • +420286583299

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