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U Sadu Beerhall

A Žižkov beerhall with a bar boasting a huge collection of antiques, a cellar seating area with foosball and a beer garden in a quiet square. At a minimum there are 10 kinds of beer on tap at the bar, including their own unfiltered wheat beer, the Sádek 11°.

  • restaurant
  • Czech cuisine - traditional
  • beer
  • good food & beer
  • breakfast
  • outdoor seating
  • pets allowed

Opening hours

    • January – December
    • Mon, Sun
    • 08.00 – 02.00
    • Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
    • 08.00 – 04.00

Practical information

The kitchen, offering Czech and international cuisine, vegetarian dishes, a breakfast and lunch menu, is open until the early morning hours.

It is known for its original interpretation of the piquant pickled “Hermelín” (Camembert style) cheese.

Current selection of draught beers on offer can be found on the restaurant website.

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  • U Sadu Beerhall
  • Škroupovo náměstí 5
  • 130 00 Praha 3- Žižkov
  • +420222727072
  • +420734603615

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