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Lukáš Svoboda's Beer Tapping School

Draught beer pouring courses for individuals and groups under the leadership of master bartender Lukáš Svoboda, are for beer lovers and aficionados, who want to learn absolutely everything about their favourite drink.

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Entrance fee

  • basic 3200 CZK

Practical information

The course includes 5 to 6 hours of pairing beer and food, theory and history of beer production, examples of different styles of beer pouring, mixing beer drinks and practice behind the bar. Course participants will also receive the book ‘Draught beer-pouring with Lukáš Svoboda’ and a gift.

Price: Draught beer pouring course 3200 CZK/person

Info: Classes are for groups of 4–8 and take place from 1pm to 5pm at Lokál U Bílé kuželky.

Beer Tour
Set out on a tour around Prague’s renowned beerhouses with a group of beer adventurers.
One night, three hours of fun, four venues and as much beer as you can drink. With it, having a starter at Lokál and learning the right way to tap beer, in the company of the world's master in beer tapping Lukáš Svoboda who will keep you entertained.



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  • Lukáš Svoboda's Beer Tapping School
  • Míšeňská 12
  • 11000 Praha 1- Malá Strana

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