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Václav Havel Airport Prague (Mezinárodní letiště Václava Havla Praha)

The largest airport in the Czech Republic, it handles nearly 15 million passengers yearly. Seventy airlines connect Prague directly to over 160 destinations around the world. The first airplane landed at Ruzyně on April 5, 1937. Thanks to the gradual modernisation of the check-in facilities, the runways, and the technical facilities as well as due to the development of new technologies and services, the airport was recognised as the most actively developing airport in the world.

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Practical information

Prague international airport operates two terminals. Terminal 1 is designated for departures to countries outside of the Schengen Area while Terminal 2 handles departures to the Schengen Area member states.

Airport information, departures, arrivals - nonstop phoneline 220 111 888

Prague City Tourism tourist information centres in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

Baggage deposit: located in the public area of the Terminal 2 Departure Hall, tel. 220 117 591

Baggage and passanger check-in

Smoking is not allowed inside the airport. Next to the entrances, you can find 14 areas where smoking is permitted.

Viewing terrace - one of the terraces is located in the public area of the Terminal 2 Departure Hall beside the entrance to the connecting building between Terminals 1 and 2

Parking -  parking capacity directly at Prague Airport is sometimes fully used. For this reason, we recommend you book your parking space online at:

Prague Airport tours:


  • individual and group tours – dates, conditions, pricing, see the web site - (Prague Airport tours)
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  • several sightseeing routes

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  • Václav Havel Airport Prague (Mezinárodní letiště Václava Havla Praha)
  • K Letišti 6
  • 161 00 Praha 6- Ruzyně
  • +420220111888

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