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The Singing Fountain (Zpívající fontána)

The Singing Fountain located in the garden of the Summerhouse of Queen Ann is one of the most beautiful Renaissance fountains north of the Alps. Rays of water flowing from the fountain create sweet rhythmic sound of water falling on a resonating bronze plate.

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Practical information


  • The Singing Fountain (Zpívající fontána)
  • Mariánské hradby 1
  • 11800 Praha 1- Hradčany

Object history

In front of the Summerhouse of Queen Ann, there is the well known Singing fountain. The draft was made by the court painter Francesco Terzio. The Renaissance fountain was cast in the years 1564- 1568 by metal founder Tomáš Jaroš (the author of St. Vitus Cathedral’s largest bell - Sigismund). The material selected was bell-metal and bronze; the fountain is placed in the original position in the stone pool, where it was settled in 1573. Water drops falling on the rim of the lower bowl evoke lovely tones when you listen to them. The middle of the fountain depicts a shepherd and a Greek god Pan - protector of forests and streams. The top is furnished with a figure of a little piper (the only copy on an otherwise original fountain).



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Information source: Prague City Tourism