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Wild Šárka (Divoká Šárka)

A romantic valley in the northwest of the capital city is among the most rugged and picturesque areas within Prague and genuinely lets you forget you are – actually – still in Prague. Its territory is considered unique nationwide, from a geological, archaeological, botanical and zoological point of view. It is a landscape of steep rocks, upland plateaux, grove, meadow, and grassland habitats, dramatically sculpted by the Šárecký brook. Marked trails traverse the valley, but a good pair of walking shoes is a must as the paths are not paved.

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The rugged terrain did not escape the attention of our ancestors – here, in a fitting location above the valley stood the first fortified Slavonic township of Prague, built in the 8th and 9th century. Nowadays, Divoká Šárka profits from good transport access and is a hit with cyclists, hikers, and in the summer, families with children looking to cool down in an outdoor pool or lake (Divoká Šárka conveniently features both).

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  • Wild Šárka (Divoká Šárka)
  • Praha 6- Vokovice

Information source: Prague City Tourism